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The Female Lead Book Vol II

67 Women changing the world today.
Gabriella Di Laccio is an award-winning soprano, recording artist, curator and activist, who has become one of the leading voices in the fight for gender equality in music worldwide.

Gramophone Magazine

Five premieres, women composers and the joy of performing new music
The soprano Gabriella Di Laccio on why the voices of female composers deserve to be heard

Revista Concerto

Interview with soprano Gabriella Di Laccio.
Por Camila Fresca.

Acquisition International Awards

Most Inspirational Female Musician (UK) Award
Soprano Gabriella Di Laccio is the winner of the most inspirational female musician in the UK Award.

Limelight Magazine

Donne – Women in Music releases new research on programming inequality.
“For equality and diversity to become a reality in our concert halls, it is important that we move beyond tokenism for political correctness and aim for comprehensive and genuine inclusivity to permeate through the layers – that means the artists we see on stage, the repertoire presented in concerts and in our educational syllabuses, the personnel leading organisations and the audiences we are trying to reach,” said Di Laccio in the report. By Michael Kaufmann.

Belfast Telegrah

The opera star giving women in classical music a stronger voice.
In 2018 Gabriella Di Laccio was named as one of the BBC’s most inspirational and influential women in the world. As well as her virtuoso voice, the Brazilian singer is the founder of Donne: Women In Music, a charity that seeks to redress gender inequality within classical music. By Audrey Watson

UBC | União Brasileira dos Compositoras

Plataforma criada por soprano brasileira dá protagonismo a compositoras.
Donne: Women in Music nasceu como agregadora de autoras que sofreram apagamento ao longo da história; em acelerada expansão, vira banco de dados com criadoras de vários gêneros e origens... Por Kamille Viola.

Revista Donna

Encontre a sua voz! Find your own voice!
Considerada uma das mulheres mais influentes do mundo, a musicista gaúcha Gabriella Di Laccio se dedica a abrir espaço... Por Claudia Shidiak.

Folha de São Paulo | Ilustrada

Find out who is the Brazilian behind a feminine revolution in classical music.
Saiba quem é Gabriella Di Laccio, a brasileira que jogou luz sobre compositoras. Por Camila Fresca.

Rolling Stone Magazine Brazil

Project Donne shines light on women who have been silenced throughout history.
Recentemente, o projeto Donne, banco de dados que reúne lista de mais de 5 mil mulheres compositoras silenciadas ao longo da história, ficou ainda maior com o lançamento de uma nova plataforma virtual no site.

Fighting for equality in classical music: meet Gabriella Di Laccio

Gabriella Di Laccio is an international award-winning soprano, recording artist, curator and activist, who has become one of the leading voices on the fight for equality in classical music.

A voice for change | Classical Music Magazine

Brazilian soprano Gabriella Di Laccio is pushing for gender equality with her intiative DONNE: Women in Music. Melissa Bradshaw finds out more.

Fantastic Women | Mulheres Fantásticas Nannerl Mozart & Gabriella Di Laccio

Gabriella Di Laccio was the featured guest on the series Mulheres Fantásticas - Fantastic Women, produced by Brazilian TV show Fantástico. Wach it here - Portuguese with English subtitles.

Soprano brasileira repertoria em blog compositoras "invisíveis" ao longo da história

Nesta época do ano, o telefone da cantora lírica Gabriella di Laccio não para. São convites para concertos e conferências sobre a presença feminina na história da música clássica. Esta gaúcha radicada em Londres, onde começou a carreira em 2003, tornou-se referência no assunto desde que lançou o Donne, uma plataforma para dar visibilidade a compositoras invisíveis [...]

Future Classic Women Award | Women's Radio Station

Future Classic Women's Awards” is a unique journey of discovery, empowerment and relief through Music. It is also an opportunity to brake the barriers between Classical and Pop music, to be inspired by stories of resilience and courage, and be amused by the funniest moments in a professional musician's career. Presented by Stefania Passamonte.

Focus Brasil UK | Special Board Award | Gabriella Di Laccio

On the 16th November Gabriella Di Laccio received a special award from the board of Focus Brasil Foundation, which has as their mission the celebration of the culture and positive impact of Brazilians in the UK.

A soprano brasileira Gabriella Di Laccio empodera mulheres na música clássica

“Women and girls need to see themselves in any position they would like to achieve - that's the power and the importance of having more female role models.”
Entrevista de Ronise Vilela para o site Ana Garmendia […]

Meet the Artist: Gabriella Di Laccio

"For me, every concert is a memorable experience. I feel so privileged to be able to do something that is my true passion and that allows me to connect with people through music." […]

Prêmio CLAUDIA 2019

Gabriella Di Laccio is one of the three finalists for the CLAUDIA Award: the biggest women's award in Latin America. She has been nominated in the Culture category. […]

Guia Londres Woman Awards 2019

Soprano Gabriella Di Laccio is a first prize winner at the Guia Londres Woman Awards 2019.

Compositrici donne discriminate, una soprano crea un organismo per aiutarle

Non è una musica per donne. Le statistiche diffuse a livello internazionale sono sconfortanti e stanno causando un ampio dibattito in tema di discriminazione femminile in campo musicale.[…]

Notes on Notes Podecast:

In this episode I’m talking to Gabriella Di Laccio, founder and curator of the DONNE: Women in Music project. We discuss her career as a soprano, […]

Adriana Chiari Magazine, edition 16

An interview with soprano Gabriella Di Laccio (portuguese only).

International concert shows women's valuable contribuition to classical music

Apontada pela BBC World como uma das 100 mulheres mais influentes e inspiradoras do mundo em 2018, a soprano Gabriella Di Laccio volta ao Brasil para um recital de voz e piano apenas com obras compostas por mulheres: "Do Convento à Sala do Concerto"[…]

International Women's Day: Di Xiao, Karin Hendrickson & Gabriella Di Laccio on BBC 3 In Tune

Sean Rafferty presents a special International Women's Day programme. His guests include pianist Di Xiao, soprano Gabriella Di Laccio and conductor Karin Hendrickson. […]

Lunch with: Gabriella Di Laccio | Valor Econômico

By Vivian Oswald
Tudo começou quando a brasileira Gabriella di Laccio descobriu que o repertório da música clássica era muito mais do que os nomes dos ... […]

Gabriella Di Laccio | Interview Revista Sinfónica

By Diego Barreiro
SINFÓNICA speaks to Brazilian soprano Gabriella Di Laccio.


Barbara Strozzi, Frescobaldi, Caccini e Monteverdi with soprano Gabriella Di Laccio […]

Gabriella Di Laccio talks about Chiquinha Gonzaga on BBC Radio 3 Music Matters

For the latest in our Hidden Voices series, in which we shine a spotlight on musical figures from the past who we think should be better known, we explore the extraordinary life and work of Brazilian composer, conductor and pianist Chiquinha Gonzaga (pictured). She wrote over 2000 pieces including 77 operettas and a song that would become a classic in the carnivals of Brazil. […]

Brazilian Soprano Gabriella Di Laccio named one of the BBC’s 100 most inspirational and influential women in the world 2018

International award winner soprano Gabriella Di Laccio has been named by BBC as one of 100 most inspirational and influential women in the world 2018 for both her music and as Founder & Curator of DONNE, Women in Music – a project that highlights the life and work of female composers.[…]

Soprano gaúcha está na lista da BBC com as 100 mulheres influentes e inspiradoras

Divulgada nesta segunda-feira (19) em Londres pela rede de comunicação britânica BBC,  a lista BBC 100 Women traz o nome de cem  mulheres "inspiradoras e influentes" que se destacaram no mundo em 2018. Com idades entre  15 e 94 anos e atuando em diferentes frentes, do ativismo político à cultura, elas representam mais de 60 países […]

GABRIELLA DI LACCIO: There is still a lot of ignorance of repertoire witten by women

Soprano Gabriella di Laccio is the driving force behind independent UK record label Drama Musica’s Donne: Women in Music. The project garnered worldwide attention recently with its analysis of 15 of the 2018–2019 seasons of the world’s top orchestras – including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra – finding only 2.3 percent of works programmed were written by women. We spoke to Di Laccio about how the Donne project got started, and where it will go from here […]

"Actually, there are THOUSANDS of female composers"_Gabriella Di Laccio

So you think there are no female composers? Actually, there are thousands of female composers. More than 6000, in fact, across 70 countries.This is the pool of talent from which Gabriella Di Laccio is creating her own project, DONNE: Women In Music. It’s a website that we’re pretty excited about – and that’s because it contains pages and pages of female composers, documenting their lives and works as they have existed for centuries […]

Brazilian soprano criates project to promote music written by women

By Claudia Sarmento
A soprano gaúcha Gabriella Di Laccio, radicada em Londres desde 2001, estudou música a vida toda. Mas só há dois anos se deu conta de que algo precisava mudar no mundo das obras eruditas. Ao achar por acaso a “Enciclopédia internacional das mulheres compositoras”, publicada em 1987 pelo pesquisador Aaron Cohen, mergulhou num universo feminino de seis mil nomes, desconhecidos em sua grande maioria […]


Mais do que um ato de bravura – brincando um pouco com este gênero vocal supervirtuosístico tão popular no barroco europeu --, este CD é um atestado de competência e talento. A concorrência certamente é muito grande. Mas, ao mesmo tempo, é enorme a satisfação de ver um grupo brasileiro, com cantora brasileira, produzindo um CD com este cuidado – presente até no folheto, com todas as informações necessárias e traduções das árias para o português. Durante esta semana, os ouvintes da Cultura FM vão tomar um susto, no bom sentido da palavra. O áudio de Bravura estará disponível na íntegra. Ouça quantas vezes quiser.[…]

Gabriella Di Laccio is Musician of The Month_Handel & Hendrix

When did you first start singing? As far as I can remember I have always sang. Although I don’t come from a family of musicians there was always music in the house. Joining the school choir when I was 8 was a very natural step and since then I never stopped singing. Although singing was a great enjoyment in my life, I only started having proper singing lessons when I was 16 and that opened up a whole new chapter as I started to find out the different aspects of my voice and how to use my instrument properly […]

Gabriella Di Laccio | Interview Talent Unlimited

What was the first piece(s) you learned? Was it inevitable you would be a singer as a consequence of your early tuition?
GDL - Although I have always enjoyed singing since I was very young, I didn’t really think at that point that I would become a professional Classical singer. I went to a Catholic School from the age of 6 and I was a very active member of the School. At home we used to sing songs whist my mother played the guitar but it was never classical music and it was always in a relaxed environment […]

Gabriella Di Laccio | Interview Seen and Heard International

Gabriella Di Laccio is a Brazilian coloratura soprano with a vast repertoire of opera, oratorio and chamber music, ranging from J.S. Bach and Johann Strauss to twentieth-century European and Brazilian composers. In March she was doubly recognised by Air Europa LUKAS Awards, picking up gold in the Classical Act of the Year category and being shortlisted for her work with the early music ensemble Il Festino. In addition, she was Handel House’s Musician of the Month in honour of her sell-out ‘Handel’s Divas’ concert at the Handel House Museum, a concert she also performed at the Crown Court Church of Scotland in Covent Garden.[…]


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